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Yoga Wedge Blocks

Yoga Wedge Blocks

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Product Specification:

  • Support: Wedge blocks provide support, especially for practitioners who may have limitations in flexibility or mobility. Placing a wedge block under your hands, feet, or hips can make poses more accessible and comfortable.

  • Alignment: They help with alignment by providing stability and assisting in maintaining proper form in poses like downward-facing dog, plank, or triangle pose. The wedge shape allows for different angles, enabling better alignment for your body.

  • Extension: In certain poses, like seated forward bends or seated twists, placing a wedge block under your sit bones can tilt the pelvis forward, allowing for a deeper stretch or a more comfortable position.

  • Challenge: While they're often used for support, wedge blocks can also add challenge to your practice. For instance, placing them under your hands in downward-facing dog can create more wrist extension and shoulder stability demands.

  • Inversions: Inversions, like shoulder stand or headstand, can be intimidating for beginners. Wedge blocks can be used to gradually build confidence and strength by providing a stable base and reducing the angle of inversion.

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