About Us


Our Story

Health, fitness, and wellness have been a significant focus over the last year as people around the world have been navigating the impacts of the pandemic. We’ve spent more time than ever before at home, being socially distanced and isolated for months on end. It affected us as a family and all of you.

Our passion for a healthy lifestyle drove us to start our own online family business in 2021. At Fitmei, we believe that building a positive mindset is incredibly important for creating the perfect balance with your body.

We want to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle! We do this by helping you find the most suitable equipment for you, keeping your budget, wellness and fitness goals in mind.

Why Us?
Our business is setup for online sales only to keep the costs down and pass on all of the savings to you.
By offering our products online we can save you up to 70% of retail prices. All our products are of great quality and come with a back or exchange guarantee.

Our Core Values

Customer Service
Customers are our priority. We are passionate about delivering exceptional, personalised customer service to all.

We believe open, direct and supportive communication is the foundation of any successful organisation.

Be an inspiration
We believe that we should all take ownership and can inspire others to improve their life.

Our culture of inspiring innovation in people, processes and products bring ideas into reality to improve your lifestyle.

We are dedicated to providing you the very best of fitness and wellness products.


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