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Yoga Elastic Bands

Yoga Elastic Bands

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  • Multifunctional for Workout: Adding resistance and weight to your workout with the workout bands makes exercise more effective. These exercise bands is ideal for pull up assistance, adding resistances to press-up, speed training, bench press, squat, shoulder press etc.
  • For All Strength Level: With 7 different strength levels these exercise bands will help you upgrade your fitness training from a newbie to a veteran. These fitness bands can be used alone or combined multiple workout bands to increase the challenge. Start now and build your dream body!
  • A Set Train Different Parts of Body: The gym bandss is perfect for men and women tone their arms, back, legs, and butt, chest, core, ABS and increase your body flexibility. Our stretch bands also show their excellent performance in physical therapy, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, speed training and more.
  • Your Movable Gym: You can wrap up the four fitness resistance bands kit in the drawstring bag or put the pull up assist weight bands in your handbag and exercise everywhere. These training bands are your good partner in pilates, Mobility, Powerlifting, Chin ups, Yoga, Stretching and calisthenics.
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